Comprehensive Custom Assembly Solutions: Precision, Efficiency, and Partnership

Accord Manufacturing: Your Partner in Custom Assembly

At Accord Manufacturing Inc., we go beyond traditional manufacturing processes to offer custom assembly solutions tailored to your specific needs. Our expertise encompasses both welded and mechanical assemblies, providing you with a wide range of options to achieve the perfect outcome for your projects. By outsourcing assembly operations to us, you benefit from streamlined ordering processes, reduced labor costs, and a shift in responsibility that simplifies your project management.
Simplifying Your Supply Chain with Integrated Assembly Services

Outsourced Assemblies: Efficiency and Simplification

Our custom assembly solutions are designed to shift the burden of labor and coordination off your shoulders, making it easier for you to manage your supply chain. By choosing Accord for your assembly needs, you’re opting for a simplified ordering process that combines quality manufacturing with precise assembly operations, all under one roof.

Comprehensive Capabilities for Finished Products and Sub-Assemblies

Accord Manufacturing brings together extensive manufacturing capabilities with our custom assembly services to deliver fully finished products and sub-assemblies directly to our customers. Whether your project requires intricate welded assemblies or detailed mechanical constructions, our team is equipped with the skills, technology, and experience to deliver top-quality results.

A Partnership Focused on Your Success

Choosing Accord Manufacturing for your assembly needs means partnering with a team dedicated to your project’s success. We work closely with you to understand your specific requirements and objectives, ensuring that the final assembly not only meets but exceeds your expectations. Our commitment to quality, efficiency, and customer satisfaction is evident in every assembly project we undertake.
Let Accord Manufacturing Simplify Your Production Process
With Accord Manufacturing Inc., you gain a partner who is committed to delivering custom assembly solutions that streamline your production process and enhance the overall quality of your products. Our integrated approach to manufacturing and assembly ensures that you receive a complete solution that is ready for market, saving you time and resources. Partner with us for your next assembly project and experience the difference that our comprehensive services and dedicated team can make.

Trusted by Industry Leaders


We value your partnership and your commitment to providing us with high-quality products and services. Your consistent performance plays a vital role in our success.

Supply Chain Manager

Accord is great at reacting to schedule changes, and a critical supplier that we can count on to deliver on time.

Senior Buyer

In my 26 years of purchasing, I haven’t had a more helpful supplier. Everything from the fair prices and quality of parts to the expert attention that’s given to me by Accord’s staff is exemplary. I’m more than appreciative of the care given to keep my production running smoothly.

Lead Purchasing Specialist