Tool & Die

Unmatched Tool and Die Capabilities: Precision and Reliability at Every Scale

At Accord Manufacturing Inc., our in-house tooling services are more than just a step in the manufacturing process; they’re the heartbeat of our operation, delivering millions of high-quality, precision parts to our customers annually. We’re deeply invested in every detail of our tool and die capabilities, from initial design and planning to the final production run, ensuring that every tool meets and exceeds the expectations for its intended application.
The Foundation of Excellence: Design and Planning
Precision Begins with Design

Our journey to manufacturing excellence starts with meticulous design and planning. At Accord, we maintain control over the design process to adhere to the tightest tolerances and highest standards, relieving our customers of any worry. This initial phase is critical, as our expert design team collaborates closely with customers to develop cost-competitive tooling solutions that are delivered on-time and within budget.

Seamless Collaboration and Quality Assurance
Ensuring Perfection Every Step of the Way

Our approach to tooling is hands-on and collaborative. We maintain regular contact between our team and yours, ensuring a seamless flow of information and adjustments as needed. Our process technicians meticulously evaluate the tool at every stage, from initial design to the final trial, guaranteeing that the first article parts and Production Part Approval Process (PPAP) documents align perfectly with your production schedules and specifications, right from the start.

Advanced Tooling Capabilities
From Simple to Complex: A Spectrum of Solutions

Our capabilities span a wide range of tool and die services, including:

  • Design and manufacture of simple to complex progressive dies for 30-ton to 440-ton applications.
  • Advanced dies with automatic feeding systems.
  • In-process checking fixtures and gauges.
  • Cycle testing fixtures and go/no-go gauges.
  • Short-run jigs and fixtures.
  • Custom assembly tooling for intricate projects.
Ongoing Maintenance: Keeping Your Tools in Top Condition
Comprehensive Maintenance Included

To ensure the longevity and performance of your tools, Accord Manufacturing includes general tool maintenance for all parts we produce. Following each production run, tools and dies are thoroughly inspected, and all standard maintenance tasks are performed to keep your tool in optimal condition. From replacements and sharpening to adjustments of perishable tool details, all maintenance costs are incorporated into the part piece price, ensuring transparency and value for our clients.

Choose Accord Manufacturing for Tool and Die Excellence
With Accord Manufacturing Inc., you’re choosing a partner dedicated to precision, quality, and efficiency in every tool and die project. Our comprehensive capabilities and commitment to excellence ensure that your parts are produced accurately, efficiently, and reliably—every time. Discover the Accord difference and let our tool and die expertise enhance your manufacturing process.

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